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Tempus specializes in the aircraft design, development and modification.
700 Corporate Drive, Suite D. Newport News, VA 23602, USA

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    The main mission of Tempus Applied Solutions is to develop special-purpose and commercial air transportation. The company actively collaborates with government organizations, the US Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, foreign governments, heads of state and wealthy people around the world. Over the years, the company has been improving and modernizing air transportation in order to ensure maximum safety in the air.

  • Strategy

    Tempus Applied Solutions has chosen the path of planned development as the tasks performed require special attention and caution. The company is engaged in the construction of a new production center, which will design and modify aircraft for special missions. Tempus plans to conclude aircraft refueling contracts with foreign intelligence agencies.

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Company information

Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings, Inc. provides design, flight and system integration development solutions that meet critical aircraft mission requirements for various clients, including the US Department of Defense, other US government agencies, foreign governments, certain corporations and individuals .

An experienced team of professionals provides efficient, cost-effective and flexible service that meets the most complex requirements the air industry is facing today. The commitment to safety and reliability has earned the company a reputation as one of the most visionary air companies in the world. Tempus operates in the flight and support segment. The company specializes in development and implementation of modifications of special-purpose aircraft associated with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Tempus Applied Solutions provides ongoing operational support, including flight crews, maintenance and other services to customers as well as the operation and leasing of corporate, VIP and other special-purpose aircraft. The company was founded by Benjamin Scott Terry in 2011 and is headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia.


The aviation industry is of strategical importance and is one of the most promising areas of economic development in any country. Tempus Applied Solutions, led by prominent executives, provides a good opportunity to invest in the aviation industry. The company daily works on expanding its global reach, improving the quality of services provided and developing new technological solutions. Tempus is looking for new opportunities to conclude long-term contracts for the provision of aircraft support, maintenance and refueling services. The company has 2 world-class runways and offices in the regions of operation. At the moment, Tempus is constructing a new production center, which, when completed, will multiply the company’s opportunities and profit. One of the immediate tasks of Tempus Applied Solutions is to develop the private air travel industry. The company is developing an application for booking a private jet, since the private air travel industry lags far behind commercial aviation. Currently, there is no reliable website for private air travels with transparent prices, like the ones for commercial airlines. This requires funding because in addition to the costs of developing the application, the company needs to increase its own fleet of private jets.

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