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JMW Farms is engaged in pig breeding and the anaerobic digestion technology development.
52 Cortynan Road, Tynan, Northern Ireland BT60 4QZ, United Kingdom

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    The company is working on the introduction of anaerobic digestion technology for the production of methane-rich biogas, which can reduce the negative impact on the environment, optimize production and thereby make the production cycle of agricultural companies virtually waste-free.

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    In addition to expanding pig production, JMW Farms is currently designing waste processing plants for livestock companies. The company plans to introduce the production of environmentally friendly gas, which is suitable for heat generation, can be used as car fuel and for domestic purposes.

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JMW Farms Ltd is a pig breeding company that was founded in 1989 on a farm in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. The production began with a very small site where several people worked. JMW Farms began its participation in pig breeding studies in 2009. Since then, the studies have been constantly expanding .

From 2009 to 2012, all trial work was carried out at JMW Farms Ltd, but the problem was that the sites were built as commercial farms and not as research facilities, and the trial work interfered with everyday agricultural tasks. However, the positive results of early tests led to additional studies, which resulted in the necessity to build a specialized research center. It was built in Newtownbutler and began its operations in 2013. The research center studies anaerobic digestion technology that involves natural microorganisms digesting biomass. Anaerobic digestion is a technology used to produce methane, and it is especially effective in agriculture. As a company contributing to environmental sustainability progress, JMW farms have joined this initiative to contribute to the greenhouse effect reduction. The company also provides organic fertilizers that increase the nutritional value of agricultural products. The full-scale application of anaerobic digestion technology for many years has shown the effectiveness of this solution for JMW farms and allowed to optimize the company’s financial situation and reduce costs, which significantly increased profits. Since 2012, the company has built several of its own anaerobic digestion CHPs in Tonnagh. The company has its own truck fleet, which transports up to 14,000 pigs, 1 million liters of bulk fluid and 3,000 tons of grain each week.


According to the International Energy Agency, within the next twenty years, global energy consumption should increase by 40%, mainly due to the rapid economic growth of large developing countries, primarily India and China. Industrial development requires significant amounts of coal, oil and gas, but fossil fuel reserves on Earth are limited; there may not be enough for the expected increase in consumption. In this regard, the use of alternative energy is one of the urgent tasks for both the governments of major economic powers and for companies that previously developed conventional energy sources. At the moment, JMW Farms has a good operating profit from pig farming, and the company is developing this direction. Short-term plans include the construction of 10 anaerobic digestion CHPs in the UK and Ireland. These activities already generate revenue and increase the profitability of all business, but the company requires investments for such a large-scale construction. According to the latest data, investments in renewable energy sources exceeded the volume of investments in new coal and gas power plants by three times. Global trends continue to show that investment in renewable energy is an investment in a profitable future.

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