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Manufacturing of equipment for the oil and gas processing and production.
10077 Grogans Mill Rd #200, The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA

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    Legacy Measurement Solutions, being one of the leading US companies for the manufacturing of the processing and transportation equipment for petroleum products, strives to produce the most technologically advanced equipment that increases the indicators of produced raw materials and requires lower operating costs. By simplifying equipment design, Legacy successfully provides new solutions for more reliable and long-term operation of oil refineries.

  • Strategy

    Short-term plans of Legacy Measurement Solutions include expanding production, introducing new refining technologies into the oil and gas industry and entering into agreements with a number of oil refining companies for subsequent sale and maintenance of equipment as well as for laying the most profitable transportation routes. Legacy plans to develop its own oil production.

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Legacy Measurement Solutions is a market leader in sales of engineering and measuring equipment as well as production and processing equipment used in the oil and gas industry. The company offers special-purpose products such as ultrasonic stations and wellhead measuring stations, individual and standard measuring tubes, LACT devices, gas production plants, pressure control skids and ASME vessels .

Legacy develops its own crude oil production; this way, the company achieves an advantageous position by manufacturing most of the equipment necessary for oil and gas production, electricity production, etc. This leads to lower costs and independence from other manufacturers. Legacy provides services in the US states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Dakota. Legacy Measurement Solutions combines the strategic location of offices in all US regions with natural gas and oil production and the ongoing servicing of our customers with the same level of quality that they expected to receive. The company offers a comprehensive solution for transport equipment and pipelines, including PIG launchers and receivers, control skids and commercial measurement systems. Experienced Legacy engineers can quickly develop high-quality and customized solutions to technical problems. The company strives to provide turnkey solutions for US shale companies.


Expansion of production and introduction of new technologies require significant funding. Investing in the oil industry is a good choice as the oil refinery product consumption increases with each year. Despite periodic crises, the oil industry is one of the most stable and reliable sectors, and it is systematically developing, which makes it highly attractive for investors. Partnership agreements with oil and gas companies allow Legacy to profit by supplying equipment and performing its maintenance. Also, investments are used to develop their own fields. The current measures of the US government are aimed precisely at supporting companies of such a level as Legacy since the development of shale oil is now a priority in the US energy sector; it is a promising and sophisticated technology with a great potential for the future. Large shale companies already conclude contracts for the oil supply to Europe. The financial performance of Legacy Measurement Solutions is only slightly dependent on the current oil price since the main activity of the company is the production and maintenance of equipment that will be in demand until the global demand for petroleum products disappears.

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