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A gold producer engaged in exploration and production in South West Africa.
595 Stewart Avenue Garden City, NY 11530 United States Garden City, New York, USA

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    Brightrock Gold Corporation strives to maximize the value of gold mine exploration, development and operation. The company creates a safe working environment by developing local communities and maintaining strong relationships with the government. Brightrock Gold is driven by the highest industry standards and promotes continuous innovation to maintain its leadership position in the gold mining industry in South West Africa.

  • Strategy

    Brightrock Gold Corporation's development strategy includes equipment modernization, building strong relationships with the local government, exploration and operation of new deposits. Rational management decisions, motivation and personnel management systems are fundamental factors for the company development.

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    Operated deposits

  • 36

    Years of work

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Brightrock Gold was founded in Port St. Lucie, Florida in 1995 with the goal of acquiring, consolidating and developing a portfolio of high-quality gold mining projects located in South West Africa with significant growth potential. The company has set itself the goal of becoming a leader in the gold mining segment in South West Africa in terms of profit, with particular emphasis on adhering to occupational and environmental safety standards as well as social responsibility for workers and the local population .

The company has a staff of recognized experts in the field of management and production, and it manages impressive resources classified in accordance with the JORC Code. The three main production centers located at the Ofin and Pra rivers and in the Ashanti Gold Belt are the company’s main focus. Currently, Brightrock Gold owns five active mines and three exploration projects. The Brightrock Gold management has made great efforts to develop local and national relations with cultural and state leaders, which contributes to gaining strategic positions in the world-famous Ashanti Gold Belt. Taking into account the existing assets, Brightrock Gold is now in a favorable position in the gold mining sector and is striving to strengthen its position in the future. By mining gold, the company contributes to technological development and increases the welfare of the United States and Ghana.


Gold mining is a very laborious and slow process, so it requires a lot of investment. Since most deposits are already being developed, and the remaining ones are located in hard-to-reach places, the cost of this metal production rises every year, which means that prices increase. The historical chart of gold quotes in the world clearly shows the growth trend, which makes investment in gold stable and profitable. It should be noted that there is a world trend for de-dollarization of settlements and the tendency of central banks of various nations to increase the share of gold metal in gold and foreign exchange reserves. The main advantages of investments in gold are their liquidity, recognition and stability. Over the years of its work, Brightrock Gold Corporation has earned the status of a reliable partner with great development prospects. Investments in this company are used to optimize the production process and explore new deposits. Ghana is estimated to have 2 billion ounces of unextracted gold, which is a strong motivation to increase production. In the near future, the company plans to explore and subsequently conclude concession agreements with other African countries.

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