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Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast is a company focused on quarry development and gravel and aggregates distribution activities.
2 Station Road West, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 9EP United Kingdom

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  • Mission

    Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast strives to be the highest quality aggregates supplier in the UK market. The company creates a comfortable working environment for its staff, including those employed with the production and sales departments. Following the legally established standards of the craft, Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast has a strong reputation in the industrial field.

  • Strategy

    Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast’s strategy is to build long-term partnerships with major companies engaged in quarry business and generate investment capital. The company’s development vector is headed towards upgrading equipment, increasing production volumes, and obtaining licenses for activities in new areas.

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Company information

The focus of Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast is on quarry development and gravel and aggregates distribution activities. The company was founded in 1955, and since its inception, it has been successful in supplying high-quality aggregate to the local market — both in small quantities and in bulk. The company carries out its activities mainly at the London-based Sipson Lane Quarry owned by the company itself, and Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast also operates the Hengrove Farm site located in Bristol .

The company supplies high-quality gravel from its quarries, following market trends and setting adequate prices. Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast runs its business being guided by the reliability concept. The company secures stable supplies of the highest grade gravel while having at its disposal a large fleet of trucks, including small vehicles with a capacity of up to 4.5 tons, up to 11.5 tons as well as containers capable of carrying 20–30 tons of material. Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast supplies aggregates to various regions of the United Kingdom, including London.

Investment analysis

Typically, the nonmetallic minerals business is dependent on the available raw material to be processed to make the products further provided for sale — which is classical for this industry. The number of consuming enterprises in the industry increases every year. Those ensure the growth of mineral output, which forces the raw materials extraction costs and, consequently, the product prices to appreciate. This is the factor that makes this field so appealing for investors and brings them profits. Extraction of gravel, sand, and other aggregates is a reliable area to invest — even during the global crisis associated with the pandemic, quarry enterprises stood literally unaffected and managed to maintain their positive economic performance. Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast has earned and been maintaining its status as a reliable partner for more than half a century, showing steady growth and positive financial performance. The company will use the investments to ramp up production and processing in the face of growing demand as well as to optimize logistics and production procedures and obtain licenses for the development of new areas. Growing demand for nonmetallic minerals requires that companies like Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast grow their production and improve their logistics, which are essential to profitability. The company needs to expand its fleet of vehicles and design optimized delivery routes to ensure uninterrupted transportation of products. Generating the investment capital will allow Henry Streeter Sand & Ballast not only to upgrade equipment at the operating sites but also to acquire and develop new sites that will be used to mine gravel, sand, and other aggregates.

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