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Farming business. Poultry, high-quality food and crop production.
40 Holborn Viaduct London EC1N 2PZ

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    Ashmarden is an innovative company committed to principles of sustainable farming. Ashmarden seeks to modernize its production process and to make it more sustainable to meet the growing needs of the global food basket and to become a sustainable producer and reliable supplier of high-quality poultry and agricultural products, demonstrating its priorities and creating value for shareholders, customers, team members, and community.

  • Strategy

    Currently, the Company is the UK's largest manufacturer of poultry products. In the context of growing consumer demand and increased legal requirements for the cage-free breeding method, the Company intends to continue carefully assessing the need for development through selective acquisitions, while prioritizing those of them that will expand its production capacity in key locations and markets.

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Company information

Ashmarden is a well-established family business in London reputed to be the top-quality manufacturer in agriculture and poultry. The Company's team is committed to doing everything to maximize its potential and to ensure the continued success of poultry manufacturing programs for its customers. In terms of the concentration of production facilities on small land areas, mechanization, automation, and computerization of almost all production processes, this industry has gone far ahead, as compared to other agricultural sectors .

Ashmarden adheres to a strict and consistent animal welfare policy to produce highest-quality eggs. Ashmarden products are 100% natural, which indicates a focus on clean and sound farming under controlled procedures. This fact is reflected in the large number of product awards. The Company has one operating segment: production, sorting, packaging, marketing, and sales of goods. The Company's integrated operations include chickens’ hatching; raising and management of young livestock, layer hens and breeding birds, production of feed, as well as production, processing, packaging, and distribution of eggs in shell. Ashmarden is engaged in sorting and packaging over 250 million eggs per year using high-tech sorting machines that allow for products to range from retail sales to large-scale orders. The Company station's packaging methods are the most advanced worldwide, and visitors from all over the world come to the farm to get acquainted with and to study its state-of-the-art process solutions. Ashmarden shares its passion for agriculture with many smaller farmers across the country and enjoys working with these businesses. By providing support to other multi-generational family farms, Ashmarden promotes quality egg and crop production to ensure healthy and sustainable lifestyles for local communities.


Ashmarden continues investing in business continuity, thus ensuring the Company's ability to scale its operations in order to meet the growing demand and to fulfill its obligations to customers. Each farm is provided with the latest modern equipment which ensures the maximum product safety, uninterrupted operation and efficiency throughout the entire production process. Ashmarden is closely monitoring the need for further expansion and refurbishment of their own facilities to increase the cage-free husbandry method based on a schedule developed to meet the expected needs of its customers and subject to changing legal requirements. As the current cage-free breeding method is more expensive than producing conventional eggs, aligning its production facilities with the changing demand for the cage-free method is essential to business success. Ashmarden is committed to a sustainable future; therefore, the Company continues taking measures to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. It is working to achieve low carbon emissions in agriculture after sustainable crop production intensification (SCPI), which means in short "to preserve and increase", since the today’s intensive crop production method cannot meet the challenges of the growing world population. The Company is a trusted leader and innovator in renowned industry organizations. Ashmarden expects a 2% annual increase in sales due to population growth, active partnerships, and acquiring other companies in the industry.

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