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A fishing industry company that offers high-quality fish products of initial freezing.
5 Alexandra Buildings, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0LL

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  • Mission

    Serene Fishing Company is primarily focused on manufacturing eco-friendly products compliant with international quality standards. The company strives to become a top-ranked player, making a positive contribution to the industry’s growth. Due to purchasing advanced equipment and introducing innovative methods in fishing, Serene marks every year with an increase in the volume of manufactured products.

  • Strategy

    The Serene Fishing Company’s growth policy highlights expanding and increasing production as well as streamlining the process of goods transportation. The company’s high-priority task is to build its own fish-processing enterprise to produce canned and ready-to-cook foods. This enterprise will help Serene Fishing Company to increase its profit significantly and become independent of external manufacturers and distributors.

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    Tons of processed seafood monthly

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    Months of ongoing fishing

Company information

Serene Fishing Company is one of the key players in the fishing industry in the United Kingdom. Over the years, the company has proven itself as a reliable, strong, respected partner. The company’s business profile is commercial fishing with subsequent processing. Serene Fishing Company operates two innovative fishing vessels with the most advanced equipment, a reefer, and a small fishing vessel to catch fish with bottom and pelagic trawls .

The company takes pride in the trawler vessel Serene LK 297, built in 2018 in Denmark and providing a bulk of production output. Refrigerating systems installed on ships allow producing high-quality frozen fish products. To streamline the production cycle, the company has launched its own production of fishing gear and arranged its own handling facility. Serene Fishing Company operates in the waters of the North Sea. The company also sets up routes to the coast of Norway, to the northern part of the sea — at the Atlantic Ocean border, and to the west of Scotland and Ireland. The company’s headquarters and warehouses location is the Shetland Islands, namely, the port of Lerwick. We sell our products in the markets of the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Serene Fishing Company has MSC certificates and offers high-quality fish products only. The company participates in programs for the conservation of marine fauna and does not violate the limits of allowed catch, following the product criteria, allowing for the restoration of ocean reserves.


The fishing industry takes a significant place among the industries in the global economy. As the world’s population grows, the demand for seafood will continue to grow exponentially. Currently, seafood provides more than 20% of the population’s need for animal protein. Wild seafood can and should continue to play a significant role in meeting this demand, especially since its production does not require land, but a minimal amount of freshwater only. Moreover, it has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions compared to any other animal protein production. As public resources tend to narrow, with the government authorities primarily addressing other more urgent global issues, the need for fishing companies to attract private investment increases. Despite this need, there are no platforms and financial instruments to channel resources to fishing. Since the ocean environment is much more dynamic than the earth’s one, not all platforms and funds can adjust to changes and develop a flexible investment model that allows for investment in the fishing industry, while minimising risks, as SeedChange did. Investments in Serene Fishing Company demonstrate strong sustainability and growth potential. Demand for seafood has been growing, while its supply is limited that has resulted in the significant price increase from the early 2000s until the present. Recent market analysis shows that in many countries some of the most profitable and stable assets are those in the fishing industry. Thus, investing in the fishing business is an advantageous offer. Serene Fishing Company is to channel the raised funds to the construction of a processing plant to arrange further processing of fish into canned and ready-to-cook foods. Thanks to the company’s strong management, and with sufficient funding, Serene Fishing Company will be able to complete construction and commission the plant as early as the end of 2021.

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