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An agricultural company engaged in the cultivation of crops and vegetables.
Court Road, Saint Nicholas At Wade, Kent, United Kingdom

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  • Mission

    St. Nicholas Court Farms is engaged in cultivation of vegetables, grains and oilseeds and provides uninterrupted food supplies to the UK. The company uses only the highest quality seeds and advanced soil technology. The company’s main goal is to ensure the production of high-quality goods that meet the highest international standards.

  • Strategy

    The company manufactures high-quality products that do not contain GMOs. St. Nicholas Court Farms employs a production expansion strategy for further crop export outside the UK. At the moment, the company is mainly engaged in grain and oilseeds but has plans to build greenhouse complexes and establish production of vegetable crops.

Facts in figures

  • 8000

    Hectares of cultivated land

  • 8

    Cultivated crops

  • 189


Company information

St. Nicholas Court Farms was created and is currently owned by the Tapp family, who have been in this business for over 75 years. The agricultural business developed as new land plots and the St. Nicholas Court property were purchased from King's College in Cambridge in 1947 and the farm was rented on Belle Island .

In 1989, a special enterprise was built, which now processes over 45,000 tons of potatoes a year, providing services to some of the largest companies in the UK. With plots purchased in Marshside and Moncton, the company currently owns over 8,000 hectares of land used for crop growing. Extensive agricultural experience, along with enthusiasm for innovation and new trends in breeding, is what sets St. Nicholas Court Farms apart from other manufacturers. Due to the efforts made in scientific research, the company successfully grows seeds that are very compatible with the soil and have a very positive effect on the yield and the product quality. The main products are wheat, rye, barley, corn, oats, rapeseed, sunflower and potatoes. A team of FACTS-certified agricultural experts advises clients and partners on issues related to the nutrition of grains, vegetables and oilseeds, provides recommendations on fertilization and legal requirements.

Investment analysis

Investments in the agricultural business are among the most stable since they are not dependent on market fluctuations, and demand for products grows as the population increases. Agriculture represents the traditional and most sustainable sector of the economy. The benefits of investing in St. Nicholas Court Farms are a fairly low level of competition in the agricultural sector and the fact that world prices and demand for natural products are constantly growing. The funds raised are used to expand the resource base, purchase and maintain equipment and support the company's scientific work in the field of selective breeding and crossbreeding. In the near future, the company plans to build greenhouse complexes and establish large-scale production of greenhouse crops, which also requires funding. The financial flow distribution policy provides that St. Nicholas Court Farms is expanding its activities by concluding partnership agreements with other farms in Kent, Essex, East Sussex and West Sussex counties as part of its franchise program. After the agreement is concluded, the farm receives a complete package, including seeds, fertilizers and agricultural machinery, for its soil preparation and harvesting activity. These agreements allow the company to significantly increase its profitability.

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